Alex Lerza, LMFT, CSAT

I specialize in sexual addiction, especially with teens.


I offer help to individuals who need help to recover

from trauma and PTSD. Those in recovery need help

to heal as early trauma is likely.


In addition, internet, video game addiction, and

gaming are often found in the population I serve.

"This is the last time." "I can stop anytime." "It's not like I'm the only one who does this." If you, your partner or child has said these words you are not alone. My clients select me because I offer practical tools to stop compulsive internet behaviors, have hundreds of hours of training in sexual addiction, can treat the underlying issues with scientifically validated techniques and have an approach that is compassionate and relational.

Though I come from a place of faith I have effectively treated clients from all creeds and walks of life. As a guide on your healing journey, I will compassionately walk with you and support you in pursuing your goals.


"Recovery is a process, a journey, that moves at the speed of applied truth." John Scanlon

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