Craig Lauchner

Coaching at The Wisdom Training Center

Many Christians find themselves faith stuck: struggling with sex addiction, afraid and ashamed, unable to connect with God in meaningful ways, struggling with self-hatred or patterns of doing harm, unsure how to find freedom and joy. With 25 years experience in healing prayer, I'll help you discover what blocks you, then lead you in prayer to connect with Father, and find the freedom you're seeking.  

Pure coaching is goal and action oriented, works forward, and spends less time exploring the past. Coaching at the Wisdom Training Center is Christ-centered, and may include various prayer practices, including healing prayer. Your coach will join with you in an exploration of your faith and personal experience to support new perspectives and a greater love relationship with God and others.

Building on 25 years of leadership in healing, recovery, and prayer groups, Craig Lauchner's aim as a Christian life coach is training wise, loving, faithful believers. His approach includes healing prayer, confession, conflict resolution, and inspiring clients to grasp and pursue the destiny Father has for each of us--all while listening to each person's story with a deep respect for their unique place in God's love. Craig holds a counseling certificate from the Allender Center in trauma and abuse recovery. He led Menlo Church's program in addiction recovery for 12 years, serving men in the Bay Area. He now teaches faith building classes in the Wisdom Training School, leading the study of such seminal books as Healing Presence, by Leanne Payne, and Bold Love, by Dan Allender.  

For inquiries about adult classes or faith/life coaching:

Craig Lauchner, The Wisdom Training Center, Sunnyvale, CA

(650) 279-2895