Dr. Mary Anne Fifield, DMFT, CAS-R, CSAT, LMFT

Growth is in your hands

The focus of my practice is assisting adult individuals find success in recovery. My personal and professional journey in recovery inform my work. I have an interest in helping those in relationship with someone in recovery, either currently or as an adult child from a home with an addicted parent.

Growth is in your hands as I also work with those who are walking the difficult journey of living with an active addict.

My work is informed by Judeo-Christian worldview. However, I challenge clients to find their own relationship with the “God of my understanding.” Participation in a 12-Step program is vital to anyone in recovery, and I ask my clients to find a home group and work the program.

I have been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in the State of California since 1997. I am also a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, and a Certified Addiction Specialist (drugs, alcohol and sex). I have been teaching, training and supervising therapists who wish to learn about addiction treatment. I have spoken at numerous venues around the Bay Area and beyond. 

In 2004 I founded the Addiction Recovery Center in San Jose CA, where we offered a 2-year intensive outpatient program for sex addicts, partners and couples. 

I earned my masters degree at the Biblical Seminary in Fresno CA and my doctorate at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena CA. My dissertation was on Codependency.

I created a workshop on how to apply the Serenity Prayer to one's life, and a workbook for those who cannot attend a workshop. It is available on Amazon.

I also created a DVD set for those who wish to learn about the nature and treatment of sex addiction. That information is available under Resources.

And, most importantly, I am blessed by the company of a Cockapoo named Penny. 

My virtual therapy office is located in San Jose CA:  www.drmaryannefifield.com 

info@drmaryannefifield.com or 408.486.0110

"Recovery is a process, a journey, that moves at the speed of applied truth." John Scanlon