Muna Haddad Farhat, MA
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Turning Brokenness to Hope

I specialize in working with couples and partners who are dealing with the confusion and shame
of Sex Addiction. My desire is to journey alongside my clients in their processes towards
healing, growth, and restoration.
Seeking help and taking the first steps toward recovery, healing, and self-growth takes courage
and strength. I offer compassion, empathy, and guidance to promote your healing, growth, and
restoration from painful life experiences such as addictions, traumas, betrayal, anxieties, and
relationship difficulties.

Couples: I understand the different dynamics that can arise in couples counseling. I create anenvironment that is safe and allows room for tough conversations and desired healing. My workalso moves beyond the counseling room, leaving couples with tasks and assignments that theycan complete on their own for continued growth and healing. Working through discovery anddisclosure and reestablishing trust and safety is a daunting task. My hope is that with guidanceand understanding we can work through the hardships and establish healthy sexuality andrenewed hope in the relationship!

Partners of Sex Addicts: I work with partners who have been affected by individuals who
struggle with sex addiction. My goal is to help you find comfort and healing from the crisis that
you are facing. Your experience is traumatizing and you may be feeling confusion, anxiety, and
emotional distress. Not even knowing if you want to stay in the relationship, questioning
everything. My goal is to create an environment that promotes healing from the relational
trauma, and allows for you to experience personal growth and rebuilt trust and boundaries with
your partner. The task in front of you is overwhelming and you don’t have to do it alone!
There is healing, recovery and hope in store for you!

Areas of Focus:
Couples and Partners who are dealing with the confusion and shame of Sex Addiction
Drug and Alcohol Addictions Studies Certification
Certified Addiction Specialist, emphasis in Sexual Addiction
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Trained
Couples Counseling - Prepare/Enrich Certification

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
(408) 508-6248